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What-Is-What: "Cable Assembly" and "Wire Harness"

"Cable Assembly" and "Wire Harness" have been confused by many people from different industries as being the very same thing. In this post, we'll explain the difference of this two.

First, it's important to recognize the definitions of cable and wire. A wire, is a single conductor which is mostly made of copper or aluminum. It's a low resistance and a low cost material. The thicker the wire, the higher risk of damage resulting from a burned fuse. Well, what is cable then? A cable is basically two or more wires in a single jacket to run together to a system. Most cables consist: a positive to carry the current, a neutral wire to complete the electrical loop and a grounding wire.

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Basics of Reliable Cable Assembly Production

Most of industries that require electronic equipment uses wire harness to keep different electrical wires safely on indoor and outdoor settings. Before the installation of wire harness within an electronic equipment, it has to satisfy use-case based requirements to avoid any damage either during the production line or at the field. Here, we cover some of best-practices and procedures that should be followed on cable assembly production to avoid such problems.

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