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experienced team and extensive set of testing in ISO certified facility

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agile scheduling to meet on-time delivery

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been awarded as best supplier for multiple times

About Us


In 2001, SIEMENS Turkey outsurced the wire harness unit and SIMKAB's business activities had started by our general manager Ahmet Çakmak (who was the director of the production in SIEMENS at that time) only with the telecommunication unit of SIEMENS Turkey.


SIMKAB has been involved in business with more than 40 other OEMs (more than 25% are well-known multinational companies) for 20 years. SIMKAB's activity areas are design and manufacturing of wire harnesses, and the company has continously expanded the product portfolio on wire harnesses since it's existence..


SIMKAB has in-house production and engineering departments to provide high-quality production in 2200 square meters indoor area in Istanbul/Turkey.

Quality Certificates

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Why Choose Us?

High Quality Production

In our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility, we have tracability of all orders, apply multiple calibrated electrical tests within 100% final inspection to detect and avoid mistakes. Nevertheless, in case of an incorrect production, we either provide 100% refunding or reproduction without any charges.

Cost Optimization

Our highly automated production (with fully automatic crimping machine) and raw-material planning procedure continously tries to lower costs to meet target prices while ensuring quality requirements.

Agile Scheduling

In case of a delivery urgency, we apply fast procurement and dynamically allocate production resources to meet deadlines. Besides, upon customer's request, we keep safety stocks to handle such cases and ship such items at the very same business-day of the request.

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